Shrewsbury Street Pastors started when the local Police and Shropshire Council approached the local Churches and asked if we could launch a scheme with the aim of making the town centre a safer place for people to enjoy themselves over the weekend. There are 34 volunteer Street Pastors from twelve different Churches with more than 37 Churches supporting in different ways. A Street Pastor is someone who makes themselves available to help people who have become vulnerable in the evening.  This may be through the effects of alcohol, or drugs, or relational difficulty and emotional distress.

Street Pastors help people get home safe, getting them back in touch with their friends and providing things like space blankets to keep warm, water to re-hydrate, lollipops to comfort, or flip flops if they can no longer walk in high heels.

We are linked by radio with the emergency services, the door staff and the town’s CCTV system. Sometimes people need a bit of help but they have not committed a crime and do not need medical attention.

We want to keep it this way.

We are looking to recruit more Street Pastors, Prayer Pastors and Support team members to enable us to grow this exciting ministry and make our town a safer place.  Please contact us if you think you can help, or go to our Facebook page.

For more information please phone 01743 340145 or email