Southampton Street Pastors have now provided more than 48,000 volunteering hours helping to keep the city safe. One volunteer is close to reaching the milestone of 1000 volunteering hours as a Street Pastor. It’s been a busy summer for the Street Pastors who have also provided a number of additional patrols in support of the Common People festival and the World Cup games. During the last 12 months they have dealt with 147 distressed people, 92 vulnerable people, raised 21 Safeguarding concerns, called 22 ambulances, collected over a tonne of bottles from the streets (so they cannot be used as weapon’s), called the Police 35 times, dealt with over 250 drunk people, changed people’s behaviour in a positive way 284 times, provided over 2000 hot drinks to the homeless, administered first aid 34 times and gave out 370 pairs of flip-flops (to stop people cutting their feet on broken glass). In April 2019, they will mark their ten year anniversary.