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Below are some of the thanks we have received so far in October 2018 –

  • Following email received from a grateful father – Hello I just want to say a huge thank you to the people who looked after my son on Saturday outside of PopWorld when he was a lot worse for wear. The contacted my wife so that we could go and pick him up safely and stayed with him until we got there. It is an amazing service that people are giving up there time to do…
  • Following email received via our website – Hi, I understand that some street pastors looked out for me in Southampton on Saturday evening in Bedford Place outside Buddha lounge. I believe this was around 2am. I was spiked and I do not remember a thing and I woke up in hospital. I don’t know what I would have done without your support and I would just really like to thank you. 
  • SPs approached by young lady who came after the Street Pastors and said ‘SPs saved my life – literally’. She explained that two years ago she was drugged and SPs stopped with her until an ambulance came. She gratefully thanked SPs for saving her life as she had been drugged. (Turns out we dealt with her outside Kelly’s and stopped with her until the ambulance arrived).
  • SPs helped a girl who was incapacitated and had sustained a possible head injury. Kept her safe and comfortable until the ambulance came. Below is an email we got in response from her friend – Thank you so much for all your incredible help, xxxx has got home safely and everything is okay.