In Southampton our 130 volunteers are committed to the following initiatives:-

  • Night-time Patrols – We send out patrols into the city centre on Friday and Saturday nights from about 10:30pm to 4 am (these patrols are finishing earlier during these Covid times).
  • Millbrook Community Patrol – We send out patrols into the Millbrook and Lordshill areas on a Saturday evening.
  • Afternoon Community Patrols – We patrol in the communities surrounding three senior schools, namely Cantell and Upper Shirley High Schools on a Wednesday afternoon and Redbridge Community School on a Friday during the time the children are vacating school.
  • City centre afternoon patrols on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

In whatever context, street pastors offer reassurance, safety and support through listening, caring and helping. We are a tool for the local churches to help project God’s love into the city and we also work closely together with other partners to make Southampton a safer place.

In Southampton Street Pastors we are committed to targeted prayer. Our simple philosophy is that we do not deploy Street Pastors, in any capacity, unless they are backed up by dedicated prayer from our Prayer Pastors who are contactable in real time.

We have been in existence since March 2009. In that time Southampton Street Pastors has provided 60,000 hours of volunteering. We look after many hundreds of very vulnerable people and, as a visible representation of the Church, we are also asked about our faith and to pray for people.

We have now been sending out Community patrols in the Millbrook / Lordshill areas for the last few years. These have been very well received by the local residents and our partners. The patrols are usually deployed between 6:15 pm to 10 pm. Please checkout our promotional 4minute long video which gives you a flavour of our work.

We carry a variety of equipment to assist people who maybe feeling vulnerable, don’t want to be on their own, in need of first aid, a mobile phone charge, lost, ensure how to get home, struggling to keep warm, or maybe you just need a listening ear from someone who is not going to judge you.

We have many opportunities to share God’s love in both practical ways and also spiritually by way of praying with people, provision of bibles and affirm individuals with God’s word.

We would also like to thank Southampton Quaker’s who allow us to use their Friends Meeting House as our Safe Space.

“Street Pastors is about Christians rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in practically responding to the problems of crime and safety. They are like beacons on our streets and I want to see them shining brightly in every constituency.”

David Burrowes MP, Patron of Street Pastors

Feeding the homeless during lockdown
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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go...
The Lord Mayor, Jenny and Mike