To Southport Street Pastors


To Southport Street Pastors

Southport Street Pastors

We are a group of trained Christian volunteers from local churches, who care about our community and our town.


We can be found out and about on a Saturday night in Southport town centre, between 11.00 pm and 3.00 am.


We go out to care for, listen to and help anyone we meet who may need some support of any kind. This might involve helping someone who’s had too much to drink, looking out for young people who are alone or who could be putting themselves in a vulnerable situation, or giving a cup of coffee to a rough sleeper.


For further information and for someone to contact you, please email: southport@streetpastors.org.uk

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Southport Bid and Street Pastors

How awesome is this...Southport Town Centre has been awarded the Purple Flag. The Purple Flag "allows members of the public to quickly identify town and city centres that offer an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out." Look out for the quote from our...

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Weekly Update: Saturday 3rd March

The team was out with Betty and Carole and despite the freezing temperatures (-2 degrees), it was surprisingly busy. We had lots of great conversations but mainly worked with the homeless community. We were able to give out plenty of coffee and butties. Unfortunately,...

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Weekly Update: 24th February

While it was a quiet night, we had to pray fervently as an angry young man ran down Lord Street straight towards a car. Miraculously the car slowed down and avoided him. We were able to hand our 2 pairs of flip flops which were very well received. We also had the...

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