Street Pastors engage with people on the streets to care for them, listen to them and help them. They work together with other partners in the night-time economy to make communities safer.

Each city/town project is set up under the umbrella of Ascension Trust and run by a local coordinator with support from local churches and community groups, in partnership with the Police, Local Council and other statutory agencies.

We are grateful to those who already regularly support us-Listed below are some of the resources given out by Stafford Street Pastors

£1.00 buys 3 Bottles of water: We spend time with those who need some water and time before making their way home. This negates the need for Police intervention.

£1.00 buys 2 Sick Bags: these sick bags enable those who may otherwise be refused travel home by taxi, to do so. This safeguards the vulnerable from having to walk home, sometimes alone.

£1.00 buys 5 lollies which diffuse aggressive situations and are a provision of sugar when needed!

Street Pastors across the UK are recognised for saving costs that would otherwise be paid for by the NHS, the Police and the Local Authority.

Ways to donate to Stafford Street Pastors:

1) Online at : -( To make a one off payment or sign up for a monthly Direct Debit.)


2) Cheque: To Stafford Street Pastors. C/O Church Lane Evangelical Church