Our latest patrol for St Helens Street Pastors was last Friday 24th February. It was the first time that we really tested our wet weather gear. Thankfully it worked for the most part.

We are blessed with many young people being happy to chat with us to find out more about why Street Pastors volunteer and what we do when we’re out and about. Even in the bad weather if there’s a bit of cover people are willing to pass the time of day; or should that be night at the time we are out :).

We were able to help someone access cold weather services and even gave out a pair of flip flops in spite of the weather.

We didn’t have to do so much litter picking last time we were out whereas the time before we came across a lot of bottles, cans and glasses. Each time we are out feels a little different, it’s very varied even when we are out with the same colleagues.

The people we meet have different issues and want to engage with us in different ways. Some people don’t want to engage with us and that’s fine. We will speak with anyone who wants to talk or who wants our help. We’re not there to force ourselves on people. We only talk about faith when someone asks us about it.

We have come across several people who have wanted us to pray with or for them. For us that is a real blessing. God goes before us and he puts us in the places that he wants us to be. All we have to do is trust in Him.