Saint Helens Street Pastors are a group of Christian volunteers who will each spend one Friday or Saturday night per month patrolling the streets of Saint Helens, (from 10:45pm to 3:30am) sharing Jesus’ love in the community in a practical, unconditional way.

Street Pastors listen to, care for, and help people who are vulnerable in town at night. The help we offer could also be as simple as providing a pair of flip flops; a bottle of water; help to get a taxi home safely; a loving word or prayer. Street pastors are non-judgemental Christian adults, members of local churches, and moreover are distinctly identifiable by their Street Pastor uniform and ID card.

Street Pastors are men and women who have received specific training that empowers them to be the presence of Jesus on the streets; proactively showing their concern for the well-being and safety of their local community in practical ways.

We are looking to recruit more Christians from local churches who are willing to undertake the training. We only ask that you commit to volunteering with a patrol on one Friday or Saturday night per month. In fact we are thrilled to have four new volunteers undergoing the training process at the moment.

If you would like more information about this role and the commitment that you in turn can expect from us; please contact:

If you are not a practising Christian but would like to help in some way, please contact us to discuss how you may be able to support the project.