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Support Us, donate, pray, share

How you can support us. Why donate? Please keep us in your prayers.

If our ministry and enthusiasm for helping vulnerable people in our night time economy touches your heart and you would like to support us, you might consider one of the following:


  • Raise funds for us for FREE as you shop online at most of your favourite retailers via Give as You Live.
  • Supplies such as bottled water, individually wrapped biscuits, tissues, baby wipes.
  • Financially; either as a one off gift or as part of your regular charitable giving (please click here if you would like to make a regular online donation via our account)


  • As Christians we are grateful to those who keep us in their prayers. Please ask God to shine His light through our work with vulnerable people. Enable us to bring peace, calm, compassion, light-heartedness and respect for each other to our local night time community.

Sharing on social media

  • Word of mouth is a very powerful method for increasing awareness.
  • Sharing our posts on social media and telling your friends about us.
  • Sharing encourages others to think about making a donation of some kind. Every little action from someone, adds up to help us a lot over time.

If you are considering making a donation we are very grateful for any amount. One off or regular giving is greatly appreciated. We understand how difficult it is in today’s climate to increase your giving when there are so many worthy causes out there and so many calls on all our income.

Giving is a part of the Christian lifestyle. Each of us is encouraged to tithe a percentage of our income to charity or the church. We’d be thrilled if you would consider us a part of your regular giving, or if that is not feasible at the moment perhaps you could ask your church if they would be willing to adopt us as one of their charities.


Support us online with secure donations via

Support us online with secure donations via