What is the need?

Why have Street Pastors?

Most people visiting Stourbridge’s pubs, clubs and music venues enjoy a good evening without incident. In some cases, people may engage in alcohol or drug abuse, anti-social behaviour or violence.

Sometimes people need help finding their friends.

Sometimes people need help getting a taxi home.

Sometimes people need help sobering up.

Sometimes people need help making good choices to prevent violent or anti-social behaviour happening.

Sometimes people need a listening ear.

Who are Stourbridge Street Pastors?

Stourbridge Street Pastors are trained volunteers from local Churches who walk Stourbridge town from 22.30pm to 3.30am most Saturday nights. We were set up in 2009 to work with the night-time economy, Dudley Council, the police and other volunteer organisations to make Stourbridge a safer and better place for residents and visitors.

Our motto is: Listening, Caring & Helping.


Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service:

In 2018, we were awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Services in recognition of the contribution the team have made to the safety, welfare and environment of Stourbridge.