What do Pastors do?

Street Pastors walk the streets of Stourbridge town from 22.30pm until 3.30am on Saturday nights. Every night is different but here’s some of the things we can end up doing…

Practical Assistance:

  • Waiting with vulnerable individuals until they find their friends or get a taxi home.
  • Providing First Aid
  • Flip-flops for those walking bare-footed.
  • Signposting street-sleepers to local agencies including Food Bank and Homeless shelters.

Keeping Our Streets Safe

  • De-escalating conflict and anti-social behaviour.
  • Reporting broken lighting or safety hazards to the local council.
  • Clearing cans, bottles and glasses off the street. This prevents them from being broken and used as a weapon or causing injury.
  • Moving abandoned shopping trolleys to safety to prevent injuries.

What else?

  • We invest in getting to know the local businesses especially pub and club staff and security.
  • We provide a non-judgmental listening ear to those who want to talk about anything including welfare or spiritual matters. Where appropriate, we signpost individuals to appropriate agencies including Domestic Violence charities, local Churches or mental health support.

See our Street Pastors in action in this short video.