As the excitement of Friday night draws near we start to prepare for our evening of adventure with our street pastors getting base ready for the night ahead making tea, chocolate, coffee, with some treats for the night, lighting the candles, sorting the music, preparing ourselves and meditation of the word that brings life to our patrol prayer and anointing before they go and a thought for the evening from our bible prayers of protection for each one of us now we are fully armed in our armour and surrounded by our fathers love bubbling over with grace and every step they take will a blessing every person they meet a small seed has been sown a shake of the hand a good spoken conversation, lots and hugs.

The journey planned ahead the excitement of a plan as we take our fathers love to our city and town back at base a fun time ahead where Gods peace is we go into praise and worship to start the night then into the courtyard of prayer and this is where we pray and ask then our spirit calls us into the holy of hollies where God speaks as though he is there by our side press on and persevere and we are in the holy place now spirit prays to spirit a fabulous place to be you can see, feel the Angels of intercession and Jesus carrying our prayers

A call comes in to pray for situations and then a conversation that God has ordained the power of gods love is evident for the patrol we have some scriptures to speak over the situation our spirit knows the authority of God and the spirit knows the situation trial and circumstance no matter how big or small our God has the victory over all another call another prayer CCTV are active and busy tonight we pray pray pray never the moment goes but where we feel the touch of our father
Gods help us press through until God says prayers are heard

A touch of God asking for prayers for our agencies and town councils in the place where we live
a challenge ahead and now think and pray for our nation and our land to have the fulfillment of prophesy and promises don’t forget to include our amazing trust teams a blessing of abundance over all

Time goes so fast as our night goes on our team are ready for a break make our base cosy and warm and worship songs play relaxation time and prayers of encouragement for our street pastors if needed a safe place to talk to share the stories of the night the concerns too we give them to God who has the prayers in his hand and the tears people have shed are collected in a bottle and now at Gods side

All refreshed and warm the street pastors are back on the street the prayer pastors continue to pray for the people patrol have had on their night we speak Gods work aver them all Gods favour is with us and as prayer pastors our night is nearly done and here tonight we know Gods love hope and joy has been our encouragement as we have blessed our town in a mountain of prayer we will continue to pray even though it is nearly time to leave base before we go we spend time in prayer to give thanks for our night that was so special we could not have done this without you father you are amazing

Written by Fiona Barker prayer coordinator Stratford Upon Avon