what we do

Sutton Street Pastors go out on the High Street of Sutton every Friday and Saturday night usually from 9pm to 3am and Friday and Saturday afternoons from 2-6pm. The aim is to be a visible presence on the streets contributing to a safer Sutton. Sutton Street Pastors work in partnership with the ‘Safer Sutton Partnership’ [click to open];  local council, statutory agencies and local churches.

A typical night or afternoon would involve 4 Street Pastors walking the street of Sutton town centre engaging with young people, and people of all ages in the pub, club and retail scene. Following a briefing the Street Pastors would spend time listening to people and offering practical assistance where appropriate. Practical assistance can include giving ‘Space Blankets’ to those who are cold, ‘Spikeys’ to those in club queues to avoid drinks being spiked, lollipops to young people, safety alarms to women and flip-flops to women struggling with high heels at the end of an evening of partying. Occassionally Sutton Street Pastors will help those who are homeless usually by signposting to other appropriate local and national organisations. We will also signpost those with addiction or relationship problems to appropriate organisations.

Sutton Street Pastors are the Church in Action on the Streets. This is the ethos of Street Pastors nationally [www.streetpastors.org.uk]

Sutton Street Pastors work closely with pubs and clubs and will often help those who have had too much to drink in getting them to a taxi, bus or walking them home.

Sutton Street Pastors were featured in an article “helping young revellers on their way” the “Sunday Telegraph in 2008. [click to open new window]

Sutton Street Pastors were featured on Radio 4 IPm Programme

Sutton Street Pastors recently celebrated five years on the streets in Sutton and featured on the Met Police website and on the London Borough of Sutton website and in the local Sutton Guardian Newspaper.