Young Farmers weekend:
The sun was beating down on an unconscious young Farmer in a side street. The team were called and were flagged down by the door staff and a concerned local lady. He would not wake up. The team tried a variety of tactics but still, he would not wake up. “He was with a load of guys in purple t-shirts, with something really horrible written on the back” the local lady observed. The team spotted a few farmers in purple t-shirts, “Stand up and turn around” “Not if you are easily offended“ with reassurance, the young farmers happily complied “Yep, you are the ones we want, we have your friend”. The team reunited the friends and they managed to wake him where the Street Pastors had been more gentle. After a few sips of water, the young man made a miraculous recovery and started talking, generally apologising to everyone. It took a while to get him to be able to walk but his recovery continued and he was able to walk back to his hotel with his friends, for a shower, a nap and to regroup and enjoy the rest of the weekend.