The School Pastor team had been busy. They were on the way back to base, looking forward to a cup of tea when they spotted one of the local boys who generally struggles with school.  He had a black look on his face but when he saw the team he put his cigarette out and called out to them to speak to them.  As he regaled his story, the team listened carefully.  It came tumbling out, the detention he thought he deserved, the comments, the anger, the moment he could not cope and stormed out.  Then the worry about walking out on one of the few teachers he got on with, a worry that would haunt him over the long bank holiday weekend.

Something clicked, his face changed, looked brighter, braver.  He had decided to go back, make it right with the teacher and complete his detention.   The team walked him part way back and wished him well as he bravely returned to repair the damage and go on to enjoy his weekend free.