We are affiliated to the churches in Truro and surrounding area, and all our Street Pastors and Prayer Support Team come from local churches.

If you would like to consider either becoming a Street Pastor or one of our Prayer Pastors back at base then please contact our coordinator using the contact form on the Home Page.

We look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, inviting you out as an Observer on patrol and assisting you in making a formal application.

If you decide to join our team there will be some paperwork that will need to be completed and all applicants undergo a DBS enhanced check. There will then be a few training sessions prior to commencing as a Street Pastor and some more specialist training sessions to cover in the first year, … but it is all well worth the effort!

We are currently recruiting ahead of a series of training sessions planned for the coming autumn, winter and spring. Please see the post in the local news section at the bottom of the Home Page for more information, as now would be an ideal time to apply if you feel so called. If you happen to be female, and in averagely good health, it would be particularly good to hear from you, as we are currently in need of additional females to balance our teams.

Thank you.