We had a great 5 year celebrations and Commissiong party and service on Jan 17th 2015. See the photos on our website or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/TWStreetPastors/

The nights have been very quiet over the past month, please pray that this peace will continue.

Please pray for the TWSP ministry and for the Street Pastors who are braving the wind and the cold on the nights we are out.

Do you feel called to be a Prayer Pastor or Street Pastor? If so, then please contact Vicky Daniell at tunbridgewells@streetpastors.org.uk for more information.

Please pray for:

  • M & C who had both fallen away from the church but want to re connect with God.
  • O, his ex-wife has moved back to her own country with their children. He says he is a Christian but does not attend church.
  • those who have had a difficult start in life, that they may find comfort.
  • A who is homeless and was cold and hungry when the street pastors saw him. He was going to walk all night as it is warmer that way