There is an ongoing problem with people who find themselves stranded in the night – please pray that their friends will get them home safely, and they will make appropriate plans before going out and also, please pray for the safety of the taxi drivers.

There seems to be lots of viruses/colds/flu around at the moment, please pray for those suffering and for a quick recovery.

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Please pray for:

  • P who is homeless, he is going through detox and is desperate to get his life back on track. Please pray that he will persevere and finds encouragement..
  • Please pray for those who have issues relating to drugs and alcohol – SP’s had to call for an ambulance twice in one night relating to these issues.
  • Please pray for M, who has asked for prayers relating to his brother in law who has been hospitalised due to a heart attack.
  • Please pray for M – a business man from London who had no means of getting home and had no coat. He spent the night at the train station. There were concerns for his well being and mental health.