There have been a number of serious incidents where the Street Pastors have had to call an ambulance and/or the police.  It is clear that the second part of the night is the busiest.  Alcohol related problems are on the increase which very often result in fights and sometimes injuries.  The SP’s need continual wisdom as they patrol during these early hours and the prayer team too that they may know how to pray for these different situations.

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Please pray for:

  • Met a couple, S who is a Christian, and M who isn’t and has been driven further away by the death of their daughter in an accident. Please pray that he may find comfort in the Lord.
  • Met J who was a church going Christian but very anti-church at the moment – wanted to be prayed for. He has felt rejected from Christians in the past.
  • Please pray for V, she has had issues with eviction and is also distressed because her mother has only 12 months to live due to cancer.
  • Please pray for J, a young man who fell out with his parents 2 weeks ago and has been sleeping on his friend’s sofas. He asked the Street Pastors to give him a blanket to keep him warm if he needs to sleep rough.