Often news comes over the radio about people needing to be barred from establishments because they have had too much to drink, or been involved with drugs.  Please pray about these situations as the owners and security people really need wisdom as to how to handle such situations.

Our prayers were answered this week – we had two very quiet nights out and the streets seemed peaceful. Please pray for this to continue.

Please pray for:

  • Some SP’s had a conversation with J, a young man who has several Muslim friends, but comes from a Christian family, and has been to a mosque, and is confused as he sees good in both faiths, and does not see why there should be conflict.
  • SP’s were chatting to two young men who were asking why the Street Pastors do what they do. We trust that a seed has been sown as we prayed would happen before the Street Pastors went out tonight.
  • SPs came across a man crying, his name is R and it turns out R has been suffering from depression for a long time. In the end SP’s took him home. Please pray for him.

Do you feel called to be a Prayer Pastor or Street Pastor? If so, then please contact Vicky Daniell at tunbridgewells@streetpastors.org.uk for more information.

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