We received two lovely testimonies from two mothers.

I wondered if you might be able to pass a message on to the team who were out on Friday evening, 3 November. They helped my son, who they found outside the bar and managed to contact me just after 2 am. He was barely conscious and certainly unable to get home. We’re still not sure how he lost track of his friends, one of whom did call and text him later, so hopefully he would have found him. However, the wonderful SP team found him first and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for their help. My son only remembers small details about getting home, but I think has learned from the experience. He did manage to get to work the next day, amazingly! The work you do is amazing and I’m deeply humbled and touched that you helped my beloved son stay safe. God bless you all.

Please can you thank the lovely people who looked after my son B, on Thursday night / Friday morning. Without them I don’t think I would have my son anymore, as I think he would of been run over, hurt by someone or might of choked on his own vomit. It has been a real wake up call for him, as he saw in the morning how worried and upset I was and it has made him see what a waste of his life it would of been. Your team saved his life, by talking to him and taking care of him. I am so grateful to them and so pleased there are still lovely people out there in the world. Thank you so much.