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Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells Street Pastors was launched in January 2010 with teams going into the town centre on Friday nights from 10pm to 4am. Today we go out 5 times a month on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays alongside the Prayer Pastors who pray for us every time we are out. We care for, listen to and help those who are out on the streets.


We are made up of local volunteers from 25 different churches in the area and we have a passion for our community. The initiative has received the full endorsement of the local Borough Council and Kent Police and TW Street Pastors are part of the Tunbridge Wells Community Safety Partnership.


Tunbridge Wells Street Pastors is a charity registered in England and Wales number 1139590, governed by a board of trustees who meet 6 times per year. The operations of the ministry are managed by our part-time paid co-ordinator Vicky Daniell, supported by the trustees.


We are always looking for new Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors so if you are interested in finding out more about us or joining our ministry please get in touch.

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Street Pastor Commissioning Service

Hi All - you are invited to join us in celebrating our 10th Anniversary of being on the streets of Tunbridge Wells. Join us on Saturday 25 January, 8pm (7.30pm for coffee) to share in worship and the commissioning and re-commissioning of our Street and Prayer Pastors...

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A new testimony from a grateful mother May 2018

I wanted to pass on my gratitude for the support you gave my daughter a couple of weeks ago. She had left a club in town (TWells) in the early hours one weekend and she had then been assaulted by another teenager. The Street Pastors had been there to pick her up and...

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