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Commissioning 960 x 400

Wallingford Street Pastors had their first night out on Friday 28th October 2011 after a commissioning service at Ridgeway Community Church.

Back in 2011 19 volunteers from 6 churches in the area were commissioned and 15 of them set out for the first time with support from the assembled churches, police, town and district councils and our local MP.

Since then new Street Pastors have been trained and some have transferred from other areas but we still welcome more volunteers.

People have generally been pleased to see us, to stop for a chat and accept flip-flops and lollipops. For the first hour or two we do what Street Pastors do – we walk slowly around the town, picking up bottles and broken glass and just ‘be there’ for people. It gets a bit more lively after midnight when the late pubs close.  We’ve helped people who’ve been enjoying themselves too much and sometimes had to call an ambulance for people who needed medical attention. Most nights nothing ‘exciting’ happens but that’s good – we like peace!

We’re currently out and about every Friday night from 22:00 to 02:00.

Wallingford Street Pastors is a registered charity No. 1144477

Supported by Oxfordshire County Council.

The Street Pastors main website home page is where you can see details Street Pastors in other towns.

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