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Give Me Your Eyes

This is a testimony from Angela Birchall, from the Tooting team, which she shared when we had our get together last week:

“We had been out from 10pm until 1am, and it was very quiet and some of us were beginning to wonder if there would be anything thing for us to do on this evening – so we popped into a fast food place for a cup of tea. Someone there had just bought a Bible and asked if we could recommend some good verses to read – so we did!

On leaving we bumped into a lady dressed in African clothes, who was on her way to catch a bus. This lady said she felt life had not treated her well and she felt bitter about it – and she could see and hear a softness in us that was so different to her. As we chatted more, she told us she was homeless and had been visiting her brother who has HIV. He wouldn’t let her stay that night so she was on her way to see if there was another friend who would let her stay the night with them.

As we talked more she said that she wanted to know how she could lose her bitterness, and so we talked about whether she could forgive those who had hurt her. As we parted, she thanked us for the chat and expressed her appreciation that we had listened and accepted and gently spoken with her – and she said again how she wanted the same softness and brightness that she could see in our eyes and hear in our voices.

As we finished that night, we were thanking God that after a quiet start, we could see that he had an opportunity waiting for us, for us the share his love and heart with someone.”

Another thought that Angela shared was a song that inspired her to think about Street Pastors:

“This song (by Brandon Heath) inspires me and I like to think of it as a Street Pastor’s prayer – having this as a prayer/ longing in your heart before you knew about Street Pastors, praying for a heart like this during training, praying for a heart like this when we go out…

Give me your eyes for just one second,
give me your eyes so I can see,
everything that I keep missing,
give me your love for humanity.
Give me your arms for the broken -hearted,
those that are far beyond my reach,
Give me your heart for the once forgotten,
Give me your eyes so I can see…”

Thank you so much for your all your prayers for Wandsworth Street Pastors.