The Balham Street Pastors team went out again on Friday 9 April – the second time since the relaunch in March. Unlike March, it was a warm, dry and very pleasant night to be wandering around!

This time round we had our first incident of practically helping drunk people, as we put together a mobile phone for a guy who would frankly not have managed himself. All through the evening, though in true Balham style it was quiet as a mouse, we had many conversations with the public and with door staff, who were all very amiable and pleased to see us. Barry, the homeless guy we know, made an appearance as well, which always adds a bit of colour to things.

We stopped for coffee in the middle at McDonald’s instead of going back to base, and that was a brilliant plan. Thanks to the Tooting patrol for that idea.

If the funfair on Clapham Common had been open we’d have gone round that too, but it was obviously a bit late. Nevertheless, we stayed awake, we made good contacts, and we certainly spread the positive image of Street Pastors and Christianity in general. Roll on the next one!