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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Patrolling the bis stops

We did the usual patrol to Southfields community college and discovered 2 teachers, a shool helper, and a policeman there. Apparently there had been some trouble on the Friday after school so everyone was there to ensure nothing else kicked off. It was a good opportunity to meet some other teachers, and proved again that […]

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More trainees

Great to report that more people are training for the Wandsworth team at the moment. Just had a great meeting with one of the trainees and I am looking forward to having new blood on the team! We also have a few changes in Balham with Tim leaving for Chester (we wish you well Tim […]

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A helpful (but wet) day!

Very rainy. The school bus area was unmanned by the school supervisors today so we were the only ones there to help with the bus time at Southfields. We were approached by a man who was lost and were able to direct him. Upon returning to the Shopping centre we were approached by a little […]

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