Team was quite tired at start of the evening and we prayed for grace and streength and that it would be a quiet peaceful evening – it was!

We had lots of people come up to us and ask what Street Pastors is, what churches we go to. A couple waling up Tooting High Street asked us, then went on their way.

On the way down Tooting High Street a Polish man called Darisz asked us if we could help him as he was homeless and really wanted to get out of the situation. He told us about a group of homeless people who had moved around to the back of the market since the spot we last saw them now had a light on and they weren’t welcome there. He showed us that he already had a Street Rescue card and had met people from Street Rescue but we told him that we didn’t have an immediate facility to help him and all we could do was refer him to Street Rescue who he already knew about. We bought him a chicken meal instead, for which he was very grateful.

We saw Paul the street cleaner again and greeted him. A polish man who had consumed alcohol was chatting to him and we greeted him too.

A man asked for directions to a night club in Tooting High Street, but he didn’t know the name of it. We thought it might be Jasmine’s so suggested he try further up the road. He thanked us and headed off.

In Mitcham Road, a man stopped us and said he’d seen SP’s in Clapham Common and asked if we’d moved to Tooting now – we explained we had 2 teams and he asked how long we’d been in Tooting and commended us to kee[p up the good work then went on his way.

A man outside the Antelope pub in Mitcham Lane said he worked there and asked what we do.)

We stopped for a drink and some chips in the Kebab shop and greeted the cooks and people who serve at about 00.20am.

We chatted briefly to the doormen at Bar 2 Far and Tramshed who said it was quite quiet/ calm.

At a bus stop in Mitcham Road at about 00.45am a young woman asked which bus she should take to Stockwell and a couple asked which bus to take to Victoria station. We helped them read the bus timetables and the map to work out which bus stops they needed to be at to catch their respective buses then they headed off.

The night clubs were quiet and there were no ill people and not too many people waiting outside the bus stops as the buses were coming pretty regularly.

We had expected it to be busier as it was a Halloween weekend, but it was peaceful so we left at about 1am.