> Althea and David spoke with 3 guys Sam, Sam and
> Richard.
> The main conversation was with Sam who is a degree student from
> Lincolnshire whose brother Robert recently became a Christian.
> Sam asked the question what is faith in God?And how to get and how do
> you know when you’ve got it?
> Sam also posed the question if someone has done good humanitarian things
> throughout their life life inventing a life saving cure but does not
> accept God into their life and indeed doubts there is a God..but a
> murder accepts God into their life and becomes a born again Christian
> does this mean that he will go to Heaven and the humanitarian wont.
> Essentially 2 things came out of the conversation that we had around
> these questions posed:
> 1. Sam is searching for faith, but is not sure that God exists
> 2. Sam could see a tangible physical change in his brother Robert
> in terms of him going to church and getting very involved in church
> life, but seems bewildered as to how this change occurred.
> The other thing that came out of this conversation was his friend
> Richard backed up everything we said about a person being on a journey
> in search of faith in God and all 3 guys acknowledged that our
> conversation had awoken in them a desire to find out more about faith
> and God’s existence in their lives.
> On the way back we were stopped by a guy named Gareth from Auckland in
> New Zealand who said he knew about street pastors from back home but
> thought it was a new concept that had only started in the last year or
> so and was surprised to hear that it has been in existence for 8 years
> and said that when he returns later this month to New Zealand he intends
> to find out how he can get involved.
> Myself and Wayne spoke to several individuals but did not get names we
> did a lot of bottle removals and general advice giving on directions and
> such like.