It was a fairly quiet night, effected by poor weather (including rain) and people being away at the Isle Of Wight festival.

We chatted to some police, including Sgt Paul Graves who said that the Methodist Church on Clapham High Street had approached the police and asked them to come and talk to them. He said they had also expressed interest in Street Pastors, so would be good for us to follow up on.

There was one incident which we thought might be troublesome – 2 girls with a group of guys where we were concerned the girls didn’t know the men. We hung around and watched until we were fairly confident they all knew each other well, whilst also making them cleary aware of our presence.

Bouncers feel like Friday nights have become quieter, as more and more people are working on Saturdays, so it is still a work night. Also we wondered whether the poor economy meant that people are now only going out on a Friday OR a Saturday night rather than both, due to not being able to afford both.