An excellent evening which went on later than usual due to the number of great interactions and also the obvious need for us on Clapham High Street at club chucking out time post 3am.

We were joined by Jenny, a non-Christian Geography lecturer at Kingston University, who lives in Balham and has received government funding to study and write a report on Street Pastors.

Numerous interactions, including with homeless lady GG who we bought a McDonald’s for and who Jenny who joined us suggested she attended the homeless weekly event up on The Strand. Also spent time with Harriet who was sitting on the pavement outside the club/bar Del Sol being sick. Made sure she was safe, gave her water and flip flops.

Chatted to Sgt Paul Graves ( who is keen to link up with local churches and clubs to set up a safe haven in the area late at night to look after vunerable people. We should definatly get in touch and see if we can take this forward.

All in all a really great night.