This afternoon the Wandsworth Street Pastors Team went out to Patrol the Southside Shopping centre and the bus stop for Southfields Community College. The weather was bitterly cold, especially in the wind, but thanks to the Street Pastors winter coats we were well protected. As the bus stop filled with young people coming out of the school we found ourselves engaging in a lot more conversations; “What is a Street Pastor?” “Why are you here?” We were able to share that we were Christians from local churches and wanted everybody to get safely onto the bus. Of course the next question was “Do you get paid for what you do?” “What you do it for nothing!” We thank God for all the conversations we had today and for feeling part of the bus stop community. There were also lots of opportunities to chat to the local vendors. The chip shop seemed pretty laid back about the young people crowding into their shop, while other food places were less positive and felt a bit threatened by the children’s boisterous behaviour. We were also encouraged by a couple of passer-by’s who both shared how they were really happy to see us at the bus stop and felt reassured we were there. One lady said,” it’s a shame you can’t be here every day.” We would certainly need considerably more street pastor volunteers to achieve this, but there is no harm praying for it.