The Wandsworth Team took to the streets last Monday patrolling the Southside Shopping Centre, King George’s Park and Southfields Community College bus stop. The Shopping Centre and the Park always feels no more than just a convenient route to get to Southfields college. The bus stop is always the focus as a Street Pastor presence does help to subdue the general hustle and bustle of children waiting for the bus and jostling to get on it. In the genaral chit chat the team picked up that there had been some rivalry between Southfelds College and St Celia’s school which we may need to bare in mind for the future. As the team prepared to leave the bus stop and go back through the park, in another conversation they had, they picked up that muggings have been going on in the King George’s park. This was then confirmed to them by a Police Officer they bumped into in Southfield’s Shopping Centre. Suddenly the the route back through the park took on a whole new importance, though thankfully all was quiet.