5 Street Pastors went out in the Tooting Broadway area leader Alan, Wayne, Janice, Athelia and Jezz.
Left Fairlight church and made our way through back streets to Tooting Broadway from there walked up to Tooting Bec not much engagement with people very quiet.

On the way back from the Bec we were stopped by John Fulwell who asked about st pastors we explained why we were there and he expressed interest in joining St pastors I gave him a card with details on and also my number so if he was interested he could come out as an observer next time out.

We then carried on walking towards amen corner again very quiet we were about to turn round when we were stopped by a young girl who asked us if we were God botherers. She would not listen to us and I can only describe it as a Katharine Tate moment when all she kept repeating was the same phrase,  “Your God botherers arn”t you?”

At 12 am we went for a warm drink 4 st pastors sat on one table I sat on the next table to them a young man sat opposite me and asked what were about he seemed like he wanted conversation within a short time he said to me, ” I am a sex addict.”  We then went on to discuss his problem and I soon found out he spent some time in Springfield hospital and was also about to be made redundant due to his manager fiddling company money, he also said he was Muslim. I asked his permission to pray for him at the end of the night and he said he appreciated that. ( I forgot to write his name down.)

We then hung around the tram shed and a bar to far but all was quiet until Wayne and Athelia were approached by Emmanuel who asked them what they were doing he was drunk and with in a few min’s was preaching at them and quoting books of the bible. At 1.15 we decided to call it a night and made our way back to the church buying a can of coke for a homeless person on the way.
During the night we picked up 12 bottles and 2 glass’s.