On Monday 6th Feb the Wandsworth Team patrolled Southside Shopping Centre, King George’s Park and Southfields Community College. It was a bitter cold day but thanks to the Street Pastor Jackets the team were kept warm. Not as many people were out and about as usual with the exception of the Southfields Community bus stop. Children as usual waited for the bus, but tensions grew when 3 buses went by without stopping and a fourth stopped but was already full! The Street team were able to keep children off the road but this caused more congestion on the pavement. A few Mum’s with toddlers had problems getting through the crowd. Often the noise and livliness of the children intimidate people but often if someone asks the children to move aside they will willing do so. The Street Pastors presence undoubtably helped a potentially dangerous situation as the pavement got more crowded. There was also a disagreement in the fish and chip shop which had too become very crowded. The owner physically tried to remove one of the children and it created a bit of a fuss. Thankfully a Police man was on hand to intervene and the Street Pastors helped to difuse the situation. It is very important for the Street Pastors to be present at the bus stop but wisdom is needed to know how to best supervise and interact with the children.