On Good Friday I (David Pollendine) arrived at the East Hill Baptist Church in Wandsworth with an enthusiastic crowd gathering and spilling out onto the pavement. Rosie Pike from our Street Pastors Management Committee led us off and encouraged everyone to walk in silence to think about the events of Good Friday. I quickly realised my role would be stopping traffic as our group of around 100 people snaked across the roads. I was also very grateful to Clements from East Hill Baptist Church who worked with me and together we made a good team. As we followed the wooden cross along the route, cars beeped their hooters and people looked on. We stopped at designated points to see the events of that day acted out by a drama group. Other passers-by were interested in what was going on and stopped to have a look. We finally came to an end with the resurrection of Jesus outside All Saints Church. Rosie drew attention to the fact that we were all there as Christians from many different churches all with the same focus and passion. Check out some of the photos from the day on this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/48583850@N05/