Four Members of the Team met At Balham Baptist Church.
The Team took time to remember the absent team members in prayer especially our Senior Street Pastor who was attending his mothers funeral the following day. The team felt despite his absence that it was important to maintain a presence on the streets.

The evening was cold and rainy which meant that the streets were quiet. We managed to clear 10 bottles (approx) and swept up two broken bottles. We also had brief conversations with two people living on the street as well as an inquisitive young lady in the Mcdonald’s in Clapham interested in what we do.

Because of the quietness and the fact that members of the team did not want to be out too late we made our way aback to Balham and we back at base just after 2am.

As we were close to our base we met a group of young people outside a 24 hour convenience store, one of them was keen to tell us that we should go home. He explained to us that he had spent the evening in a pub. We hope if we can meet this group again it may give us some intelligence as to where the young people congregate in Balham.

Despite the rainy quiet night with very few incidents it was important to be out to maintain consistency; one member of the team came out for the first time in 13 months.