Set out about 10.15pm walked to Tooting Broadway through the back streets from there covered both sides of the roa d and walked up towards Tooting Bec, It was a very quiet night no real conversations until we reached TB station then it was only what time are we out till.

On the way back to the Broadway Janice was asked directions by a lady in a car and 3 young men enquired what was SP about and Wayne explained.

We then carried on up towards Amen Corner and as we went passed a Bar to far we noticed that it had closed down and was being stripped out.
carried on up to wards Amen corner and stopped about midnight for a some tea.

We then carried on back towards the Tram Shed and hung about there I approached a guy who called himself JP who was being abusive to the doorman at the Tramshed, after about 15 mins had to give up as he was drunk and would not listen.

We then carried on back towards the Broadway Janice spotted a young lady trying to flag down cars we approached her and asked if we could help (she was slightly worse for wear) she said that she was after a cab so we offered to walk her to the cab office which she accepted.

We then hung around out side the tube station noticed there were transport police on duty went in and had a brief conversation with them.

As we were standing there an old guy went and stood in the corner of the station trying to keep warm< I approached him and asked if he was all-right (he did not give his name) I asked if he would like something to eat or drink and he said he had the money to buy some thing I noticed that he had a dressing on his arm and think he might have recently attended hospital. He then shook my had and he appreciated me talking to him.

It was about 1.15am we decided to call it a night and went back to Fairlight.

We picked up 2 glass's and 8 bottles plus a shard of glass that could of been used as a weapon