Last Friday night young people gathered at Wandsworth Town Hall for a Youth Celebration organised by Youth For Christ and Wandsworth Churches. The evening took place in a large hall with tables set out for a cabaret style evening. It could have been the Baftas! Artificial starlights twinkled over head and there was a buzz of expectation in the air. Wandsworth Street Pastors kicked off the evening and I was able to share a bit about our work and encourage people to pray for us, as well as think about whether God might be calling someone become part of this ministry. Our role was to be on hand and reactive to anything that might happen during the evening. We positioned ourselves at the entrance and welcomed people as they came in and handed out a programme for the night.
The talent on show was very impressive and early on in the night one act stole the show. He was down on the programme simply as “Baker.” This 17 year old worked the audience like a professional and no one knew quite what he was going to do. I thought he might be a stand-up comedian. He then started to sing and everyone was sileneced. He sang a song from jesus Christ Superstar, where Jesus reasons with the Father in Gethsemane, before his march to the cross. I managed to snap a picture of him as he left for home. Other acts incuded David Martin’s (Former Wandsworth Coordinator) son doing some street dance, a freestyle rapper with a powerful testimony how God changed his life from a seriel offender to a follower of Jesus and a really cool Jazz band to sign off the evening. It was a very useful event to network with local people and organisations in the borough as well as leaving feeling inspired. I am Looking forward to see how this event can grow next year. Check out some pictures I took of the evening in the Photo Gallery