It seemed that we may struggle to make the numbers to patrol but we were blessed by the turn out. Seven Street Pastors went on patrol form Balham. Wayne, David Fosuah, Robin, Athelia, Victoria and Christopher.
We patrolled Balham to find that it was surprisingly more quiet than usual as was the Clapham area but we found that we had a number of conversations:

1. Spoke to Albert, street homeless guy, near Clapham Common station. Gave water, Mars bar and Alpen bar as John said he was hungry.

2. Spoke to Tom and friend from Guildford wanting to know if there were any good clubs in the area!

3. Spoke to John, originally from Preston, was drinking a bottle of wine sitting on a step which I joined him on. John lives in Western Lodge, a hostel off Clapham Common West Side. He was out observing the night life because he was fed up being stuck in a room by himself.

4. Spoke to Sean, Seamus and John, three guys from Ireland. Have been in London several months and “loving it.” The guys think that Street Pastors are great, particular as we are voluntary.

5. Asked by two girls if we knew where the Royal Oak pub was, unable to help them as we did not know.

6. Gave young woman in MacDonald’s a bottle of water as she was feeling a bit unwell due to the amount she had drank (she was with three other friends).

7. Spoke to Gary, Danny and Maurice just outside MacDonald’s. Danny used to be a bus driver and informed us that the Street Pastor’s jackets are the same as those issued to bus drivers (he even knew were the pockets are located)!

8. Spoke to Kwaku and two other mini cab drivers.

9. Gave water to a young woman walking passed us as she was a bit tipsy.

10. Asked by a man for directions to Clapham Junction so he could catch the N19 bus home, which we were able to give him.

11. As we were ensuring that one of our team members got home safely we met a young lady in Balham who was concerned that three men were escorting one lady, she asked a lot of questions about Street Pastors and was impressed by what we were doing. We gave her a card so that she can research us online.

We also managed to collect 24 bottles as a team.

All in all it made for a very eventful night which was a blessing to be out on.