On Sunday night the Wandsworth Street Pastors team who attend Balham Baptist Church, led a pulsating evening about their work at the Diversity service.(http://www.balhambaptist.co.uk/divercity.htm) Wayne Macintosh led the procedings and showed everybody the 3 minute video about Street Pastors beginnings and work. I (David Pollendine) then shared about my own spiritual journey and my passion for working as a coordinator for Wandsworth Street Pastors. I told a children’s story called “Jesus Day off” ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jesus-Day-Off-Nicholas-Allan/dp/0099262738) which I read to my daughter and which really spoke to me about the Street Pastor’s ministry. Jesus takes a day off work, cart-wheeling through the desert and taking donkey rides and thinks he has not had a very useful time. But his Father shows him that while he was cart-wheeling springs of water appeared in the desert and during the donkey-ride everyone he passed became instantly happy. I saw this as a picture of the Street Pastors work. Sharing Jesus presence by walking on the streets, often not aware of the impact that can have. Wayne got together a panel of street Pastors from Balham Baptist to share their experiences and answer any questions. It was a very special time. Athelia, our 80 plus year old Street Pastor shared about a young women who followed her around one night and wanted to be near her. She held her hand in Macdonalds as the young lady poured out her situation to her. She was married but had had lost her children taken into care and was now homeless. Atheila was their to listen and comfort her. The evening finished with prayer and then a lot of discussion afterwards with the people who had come to listen. A really inspiring evening was had by all. Check out some photos in the photo-gallery