Five Street Pastors Wayne M, David W, Athelia, David P, Anthony B, Diane (Observer) and a Prayer Pastor (Victoria) met at Balham Baptist Church to pray for the night ahead. Having Victoria praying for us and sending us out was a comforting feeling. The day had been very wet but thankfully things were beginning to dry up as we went out.

Spoke to two ladies who were having a drink at the Balham Bowls Club on Ramsden road very near Balham Baptist Church. They were interested in our work and we gave them a card. They said that they will speak to the company they work for to offer sponsorship to Street Pastors, they said they will look into it and were pleased to hear about our work.

Saw a fight at Balham Tube station. A young man had struck another in the face after he had hugged him inappropriately. We were on hand to attend to the man who was struck who was eventually attended to by a paramedic who was passing by in his ambulance.

One of our team members Athelia reported to us that there were gangs of youths who conjugate at a point near an estate on Bedford Hill in Balham so we extended our patrol to this area where we established a prayer station. It was felt that this was an important development for the team because a year ago we had established an prayer point at the most northerly point of our patrol at Clapham North and now we had one at our most southerly point. This is a practice we aim to continue.

The team split into two teams of 3 to walk on each side of the road from Balham to Clapham.
On one side of the road we came across a man who was the worst for wear lying on the side of the road. We offered him some water and although at first he resisted our help, we were eventually able to help pull up his trousers, which had fallen down and rest him safely against a shop front. As we continued along two teenage boys came up to us to ask who we were and what we were doing. It turned out they were Christians too and they were very interested in the idea of walking the streets. They asked what church we belong to and when we said we were from lots of different churches they were very surprised, yet impressed.

As we passed by a parade of bars along Clapham Common Southside where there was a bit of night life, another man approached us and asked who we were. He was a DJ from the bar Gigalum He encouraged us and said Gigalum would be keen to work with us to help alleviate some of the tensions that they sometimes get with people drinking too much. Maybe something to look into!

We had a number of conversations with people curious about Street Pastors including groups of young men and women, bouncers on the doors of various cubs.

We met a middle aged man named Colin who was looking through a dustbin for food. he said that he had walked form Elephant and Castle to Clapham North in his pursuit so we gave him some water an some chocolate bars and he was grateful to receive them.

We gave some water to a young lady who was quite drunk, she was reluctant to accept it at first but then warmed to us and drank the water gladly, we did not spend a great deal of time with her because she was being attended to by her partner, she drank the water and seemed in a much better condition that when we met her.

As well as the above we managed to collect 14 bottles. We returned to Balham Baptist at 2 45am to give thanks fro God’s protection and all the interactions we had had