Three of us met at Ram Street to pray before going out on patrol. We prayed that God would prepare things for us to do. We had only got as far as the end of Ram street and a house brick had been left in the middle of the street. Everyone of course is just stepping past or over it. It was a great feeling to pick it up and place it to the side thinking that this was a direct answer to prayer.
We continued through Southside Shopping Centre and out into King Georges Park. The sun was shining and the playground was full of children and parents enjoying the nice weather. As we walked along it was noticeable that people were looing at us trying to work out who we were and what we were doing. Normally we patrol at a bus stop opposite Southfields College, so it was nice for a change to be seen in the built up areas in the park and Southside Shopping Centre.

Before going out we had prayed for God to prepare encounters for us and one came along in the Shopping Centre. A young man selling Electronic Cigarettes ( Which help people off smoking) shouted out to us, ” Are you spreading the Good News.” I went over and chatted to him and it turned out that these Electronic Cigarettes (E-Lites) had helped him quit smoking and so he gave up his job to sell them to other people. I couldn’t help but draw a comparison between his mission and what we were doing for our faith! As we chatted on another girl who works in Boots joined us and it turned out that both of them are managers of music bands. It was a moment of real connection as both of them shared passionately about their involvement. Eventually we said our goodbyes and that we would look out for eachother next time.

As we headed back to Ram Street another small encounter presented itself as a lady struggled across the road with a big box. It toppled over and Libby went over to help the lady pick up the box and cross the road. We got back to Ram Street safely and prayed for the people we had met and the encounters God had gaven us. Pictures from the patrol will follow soon on the photo gallery.