The Balham team met for the first time since June on the 21st. The team consisted of five team members and began with a patrol of the Balham area.

We have established a prayer station at Larch Close which is in the Bedford Hill area of Balham. There has been reports of violence in the area and resident being afraid to leave their houses so we prayed for those residents. Balham has become a relatively quiet hunting ground. Though Balham has alot of bars, it has been observed by the team that our efforts are better deployed in the Clapham area where there are many more bars and clubs as well as many more incidents.

We observed a very violent arrest once we arrived in Clapham but could make very little influence other than to pray. The major incident that night came when we observed a young lady in her 20’s collapse on the pavement to the surprise of her sisters as they were going home. A passer by called an ambulance as we provided support with a foil blanket an some water. It became clear to us that the young lady may have had her drink spiked which showed us how vulnerable an individual can become while just enjoying an evening out and how malicious some others can be to do such a thing. There were a fer conversations with individuals enquiring who we were and what we were doing which were met with affirmation and admiration for what we were doing.

All in all the evening was enjoyable and it was good to be back on patrol after a summer break.

During the evening we collected and disposed of 37 bottles.