The Balham team met early for a Wandsworth Street Pastors social where they shared in fellowship, food and prayer. During the prayer we were instructed by the Tooting team leader wait in one place as we felt led.

The team consisted of Five members. Wayne, David Fosuah, Athelia, and Christopher.
The team went to the Larch close estate where we have been meeting to pray for the community there because there had been a concern from the residents of youth violence. As we prayed we observed and spoke to some young people who used the estate as a meeting point. It all seemed friendly enough.

As we were leaving the estate we noticed a young gang of youths who seemed to be causing a disturbance outside of a local Chicken and Chips takeaway shop. We felt that it was important to us to stay in Balham after witnessing this incident and not go to Clapham as was our practice. As we followed the gang they engaged in some playful fighting and some bottle throwing. One of the ring leaders sustained a graze on his arm which we administered first aid to as well as gave the gang members some water. We advised some young girls who were with the gang to go to their homes and do not get involved with the gang and spoke to a local man about the number of youths that regularly use the Larch close estate as a meeting point.

The incident highlighted to the team the lack of youth activity in the Balham area for the youth to engage in and the fact that many of the youngsters were known by some of the resident who knew their families and parents from school.

We met also a number of people interested in our work as well as a young homelss person who we spoke to and gave him some water and something to eat.

We collected 16 bottles on the night also.