Chapham High Street was very quiet being the first weekend of the new year but Myself (Wayne) Marcia from Southwark Street Pastors and Cecilia from Brixton went out. Despite the quiet we had many meaningful conversations. We met two Asian gentlemen named Ash and Farha who were happy to commend our work before beginning to ask a few more searching questions about Jesus being the son of God.

Later we met a young man called Nick who was smoking outside one of the nightclubs he was happy to engage with us but his conversation was very general. We spoke to a young man named Chris who was familiar with the work of Street Pastors in Kingston where he was a Student and spoke of his eternal gratitude to Street Pastors for their helping his sister get home safe one evening when she was in a vulnerable state. It reminded us of the impact of our work that is often not seen.

There was a drunk lady who was ejected from the same night club who we offered water to. She would not accept it from us but did accept water from one of her friends who were there with her. We monitored her activity to ensure she was safe before making our way on with the patrol. After making a few more stops at some shops and some night clubs on Bedford road near Clapham North Station to tell them about the Hub, we met a young lady who was having difficulty walking in her high heels and was about to sit on the pavement. We gave her a pair of Street Pastor Sandals which she was very grateful for.

By the end of the evening we had collected 10 Bottles.