Location: 1) Balham including Larch Hill Estate; 2) Clapham Common to Clapham North

Street Pastors: Anthony (Senior), Athelia, Chris, David, Fosuah

Summary: Team met in Balham Baptist Church and prayed before going out.

1) Balham
Quite, cold crisp evening. Walked up Station Approach, Bedford Hill and then onto Larch Hill Estate. Stopped and prayed for the residents of the estate. Walked back to Balham High Road and up to the bottom of Bedford Hill before returning to Balham Baptist Church.

2) Clapham
Parked cars just before Clapham Common. Walked up towards the hub, shook hands and greeted a couple of mini cab drivers outside their office. Stopped off at the Methodist Church Hub to inform them we were out on patrol. Walked up to Clapham North, stopped and prayed opposite the tube station.

Anthony and Fosuah were approached by P as he walked along eating his take away. Originally from St Helens, near Liverpool P had moved to London just over 6 months ago and thank Street Pastors for their friendly prescence on the street.

Anthony and Fosuah observing a young man R being thrown out of a club and stopped watched from a distance as the man was drunk and arguing with the bouncer. His friends eventually pulled him away. R spotted Street Pastors. He approached Fosuah and hugged her, he then hugged Anthony. He hugged them both a couple of times more.

As the team made it’s way back to the hub a couple were observed arguing outside MacDonalds. Athelia, David and Fosuah approached them. The man, S was drunk and arguing aggressively with the woman, G. David talked to S encouraging him to be less aggressive in his tone and manner. Fosuah comforted G who by this time had become quite upset and started to cry. G was offered a tissue. She eventually decided to mark her way home alone. S continued talking with the Street Pastors for a few minutes before deciding to see if he could catch up with G.

Anthony and Chris were called from the hub to assist a man, T, who had fallen over near to Sainsbury’s because he was drunk. They encouraged T to go to the hub to seek medical attention from St John’s Ambulance.

A security guard from KFC came over to the hub to seek assistance with a drunk man who had fallen over.Athelia, Chris and Fosuah went to find the drunk man was R who had earlier been thrown out of a club. R was helped to the hub where he was given water. He later tried to leave with his friends but had to be assisted back in when he fell down outside. He was helped back into the hub by Inferno security and Street Pastors Anthony, Chris and David. R was then put in the recovery position on the floor to “sleep it off.” His two friends also slept while waiting.

A security guard from KFC once again came to seek help. This time with two sisters who were drunk and arguing. One sister, M, had vomittedd in KFC and was please when Fosuah suggested she go across to the hub. She was helped to walk over to the hub by Athelia, Chris and Fosuah,despite protests from the other sister, B. The protests from B continued inside the hub and at one point was asked to leave by the security guard because of her aggressive behaviour. Fosuah was able to talk to B and get her to lower her tone. M and B later left and were observed getting into a mini cab.

The team did a second patrol up to Clapham North. On the way back David and Fosuah notice two women in a side street. They approach the women to offer assistance as one was vomitting. They were able to offer water and tissues. The women expressed their gratitude for the kindness shown to them.

Just before reaching the hub Athelia, Chris and David came across a couple. The woman was very drunk and had to be suppported by the man. They lived close by but the man was struggling to carry the woman home and was thus very grateful to stopped off at the hub for a rest and drink when offered.

The team finished the patrol at 2.30 am with prayer at the hub. Six bottles of water were given out during the patrol. Four glass bottles were picked up and binned.

Suggestions: The following might aid the care and support we give in partnership with the hub:
1. Number for a taxi firm at the hub to prevent people who come to the hub going on the street and hailing a cab, some of which might not be genuine
2. Street Pastors to also carry cards from the local firm to give out if required.