Three Members of the Brixton team and one member of the Balham Team met at the Hub at Clapham Methodist Church on Saturday the 26th. It was put to us that Saturday being Australia day would be a very busy evening so it was decided that we would patrol on the Saturday rather than the Friday. It was usefu to the team because we could then appreciate how busy the hub was on the Saturday and to meet a few representatives from the Clapham churches together group who had volunteered to help.
The team met and started to patrol at around 12:30 am. We spoke to Security outside of the Souk Bar. The lady who handled the guest list invitations spoke of her respect for what we did.
The Security outside of a local Pub offered us two loaves of bread. We could not see a use for the bread so we left it. We also spoke to the the security outside O’Neils pub near Clapham Common Station as they were particularly busy, they were aware of our work and responded to our work.
At this started to rain quite heavily so we sought refuge in the Hub. Our timing could not be more perfect as a young lady who had sought medical help in the hub was ready to leave but did not have suitable footwear. We were able to provide her with Flip flops so she could walk home.
There was a man tending to his drunk sister in the hub who was unfortunate to have his sister be sick on his shirt. Madelane who had brought an old jumper with her was able to offer this to the man so that he had dry clothing.
Once the rain had subsided we began a second patrol towards Clapham North. We met a young Asian man called Cameron who was very hyperactive and happy to speak to us.
We also spoke to a young man whose father was a vicar but was not religous. We gave out another pair of sandals to a young lady who was having difficulty waking in her high heal shoes.

We had many other interactions with bouncers and passers by and were on hand to lend assistance to various volatile situations and drunken passers by as and when we were called upon as we are usually but no pressing needs for our assistance arised.

Collected 66 Bottles
5 Glasses
Swept up 3 Broken Bottles.