The team consisted of three members. David Wilson Wayne McIntosh and a Member of the head office of the Ascension trust. We were blessed by the presence of Les Isaacs, the rector of All saints Anglican Church as well as Minister at Clapham Methodist Church for the final night of the Hub setup. This was the final night of the pilot scheme which we hope to receive funding to continue in the coming months.
The night started quietly as we did our patrol of Clapham. We noticed a few gentlemen dressed in very traditional Scottish clothing and thought they may be in London for the Rugby Match the following day. When we managed to approach them we were proved correct and warned them of a member of their team who had wondered away from the main group clearly in a drunken state who we tried to help but was unwilling to accept any help offered by us.
There was a potential fight between two passers by. We understood that they may have bumped into one another in passing which made on of them angry and the other inquisitive as to why all of this violence was aimed at him. We were able to stop this potential violent situation by advising one of the men to walk away which he thanked us for later. Other major incidents included a young man who was celebrating his birthday with friends and family who had simply got too drunk and had to be carried out of the night club into the hub to receive medical aid and respite.
We also spoke to a number of bar and pub owners about the work we were doing and received many compliments for our work.
Now the Pilot scheme has come to a close it has been a large commitment by the street pastors who were involved but a very rewarding one. We will hope an pray that the funding is granted to continue the work. It was great to see members of the local churches coming together to support the venture and provide teas and coffees and friendly advice and love for those who entered the Hub.

By the end of the evening we collected 27 bottles as well as a few glasses and cans.