The Balham team met for their monthly patrol on Friday the 8th. The team consisted of Anthony, David, Athelia, Victoria and Wayne. The team was also joined by an observer named Fumi.

The Team met at Balham before driving up to Clapham for a shorter patrol due to team member commitments outside of street pastors. We stayed out until around 1pm.
It was a cold and damp evening and Clapham was very quiet. We had very few encounters other than one team member meeting with some old school friends who he had a brief conversation with. There was a young lady who was dressed in a party dress but no coat who was sitting outside a night club. she looked pretty jaded so she was offered some water. she refused. As the team were about to walk away a bouncer form the night club asked us if we had a foil blanket. We manage to produce on so the young lady had some comfort from the cold. We also managed to speak to many of the bouncers on the doors of the night clubs on Clapham High street who all spoke very favourably of the Hub which we were involved in for the past eight weeks and we told them that we hope to reopen the hub on a permanent basis in around one months time.
By the end of the evening we had managed to collect 17 bottles.