The Balham team consisting of three members met at Balham Baptist Church. It was decided that we would make a short patrol of Balham before going up to Clapham.
As expected Balham was quiet and we made our stop at the larch close estate where there had been groups of youth assembled in the past. The area was quiet as was the rest of Balham.
We then went up to Clapham and went into Clapham Methodist Church. A young lady was being treated for an injury to her eye. When we went out on to the streets we had a brief encounter with a young lady who was using a phone and looking very distressed. When we offered help she quickly ran away from us. There was an altercation outside McDonalds between three young men and the door staff in McDonalds and from Inferno’s night club. The door staff seemed to have the situation under control so we did not intervene.
All in all it was a very quiet night possibly because of the rain.
We managed to collect 17 bottles, One glass and swepped up one other broken bottle.